Review in journalism

Cordially welcomes!

In the current expenditure a short review of Frauke Zeller (Ilmenau) appeared to journalism, those stated:

“From the reading of the book (as well as from the accompanying weblog) does not become clearly evident, which readership the author contacts. It offers an abundance of useful connecting factors for large, deepening analyzes to Internet and its new developments, some topics is marked out and does not however only focus enough represented, so that it would really convince neither as overview work to the Web 2,0 nor as deepening work.? (P. 101)

The review is callable in the completely accessible review part (.pdf).

Review on socialnet.de

Thomas Molck wrote a socialnet.de detailed review of the book for the portal, which comes to the friendly result:

This publication is hardly occupied like another with the entire complex „of the new net “. The introductory historical classification and description are very well suitable to make itself first a picture of it what is at all meant with designations like „Web 2,0 “, „Social Web “or evenly also „the new net “. It is recommended due to the very understandable and nevertheless not shortening style particularly well to the entrance.

In the following chapters Schmidt develops a very well comprehensible sociological analysis of the new net and puts thereby also a good basis for large occupation with the entire complex or also certain subranges. This convinces particularly in the structuring of the new practices in the identity, relationship and information management. For the beginnings discussed in the following chapters a classification into this essential structure would have been perhaps more stringenter more or less to line up than the view of personal and large publicnesses and handling information and knowledge.

Review in the rkm journal

In the rkm journal, a review of the book appeared to an on-line review journal of the Halem publishing house. Wolfgang Schweiger closes his discussion with the result:

Schmidt is one of the few sociologists and/or communication scientists, who understand and with enthusiasm use the Social Web not only completely, it analyzes it also soberly and to a large extent objectively. “The new net? is at present surely the best publication to the present mode topic, even if the book is guessed/advised rather descriptively and explaining. From scientific view it stands to hope that Schmidt uses soon its potential and submits an theoretical-empirical book contribution more conclusive in itself - to think capable of is it.

HP: Much meeting and doubt-worth is the also following remark:

“And naturally there is also a blog to the book (…) And like it in the scientific Community like that are, hold back themselves the readers to a large extent with reactions. In this culture of the “dear non--discourse? beyond personal record-relevant publications and beyond the beer tables on long conference evenings changes also a blog as new medium channel for only few.?

Reactions to the book

In the first weeks after appearance of the book it was for me above all stretching to pursue the different feedbacks at different places in the net.

A very direct form of the feedback offers Amazon with sales rank - for the moment straight stands it on rank ~30,000, it however at the beginning of sale times up to rank 3,010 had temporarily high-snapped.

amazon 09 18 3
Besides it is stretching that now gradually the “Amazon neighborhood? crystallizes, thus the books, which were bought in combination with mine. In the meantime I appear there in illustrer society of e.g. Yochai Benkler and Clay Shirky, in addition, of Sascha Lobo.

Another kind of feedback came over Twitter, i.e. from humans, who the book ordered or already received. Over the Facebook Fanseite as well as via mail came also some further referring to error (best thanks!), which I took up to the Errata side. From the publishing house I finally know that a set from inquiries to review copies were already received. Odzież Ciążowa , ,

In the coming weeks it will therefore possibly give the first somewhat detailed reactions and discussions. I look forward to it!

Errata side furnished

So much I also strove, by own correction passages and the proof reading by friends and colleagues: The printing version of my book contains errors. On two of it I am already attentive (made), therefore I furnished a straight Errata side, where I correct these errors. For further references I am grateful (even if I am then annoyed…), either as comment on this contribution or via mail.

Error 1 is by the way nearly already Freud tip by: In the introduction it is called “kind and meadow? instead of “way?; possibly an aftereffect of HSV Werder trauma of the season end of 2008/2009. Error 2 is to be found in the bibliography, where I made Katrin bus man, since this year CO authoress of the Web 2.0-Teils of the pool of broadcasting corporations/Second Channel of German Television on-line study, short hand Martin bus man. Me there still its predecessor Martin fish in the head supposed spukte around…

There is the thing

Already with the Web log I had been surprised positively, with “the new net? ran it now exactly the same: some days before the date, which was called me by the publishing house for the sales start, I already got some printingfresh copies dispatched by printering. Here is it now thus - in the photo before a cutout of the material drapes, which I examined for writing (the books and sources of on-line did not fit on the picture…). ,

There is the thing

Read sample and URLographie

The complete book will appear on 18.9., but already today there are first views:

  1. A read sample with table of contents, introduction as well as two chapter summaries (to personal publicnesses and to information management). , ,
  2. The list of the sources of on-line from the bibliography as URLographie.

The whole contribution read

Manuscript delivered

[Updates 14,8.: There were still some smaller suggestions for improvement on the part of the publishing house, and I had found even also still another few error - now it is however really finally and finally delivered. :-) ]

Now it is finally achieved - last night I sent the manuscript ready to be printed to the UVK publishing house. Possibly it must be still made a few smaller changes but I hope that nothing really large lines up more and I may hold a few weeks into the finished book then also in the hands.

As preview I provided a summary of the book with Wordle times - all worth knowing one is in this word cloud:
Interestingly enough there are already the first (seriously not meant) reviews on Wordle to the book:

Wordle: Untitledmore drbieber,

Wordle: Untitledjanpassoth

Wordle: The first discussion to “the new net? of January Schmidt_tillwe_.

End in view

Again scarcely two months break since the last Blogbeitrag - above all, because I wanted to rather put the available time into the work on the book instead of in the Bloggen. And even if - which was because of each quantity of other obligations, not least the completion of the manuscript for the book were slowly, very slowly in front to “young people and Web 2,0 ″ - project - is nevertheless now really an end in view. With the UVK publishing house I agreed that early the manuscript is appropriate for coming Monday on the desk of my lector. In the remaining days still some polishing is announced, under it:

By the way not only the foreseeable end of the book project is motivating, but also the information that there are already about 70 Vorbestellungen for the book…. and I would like to let 70 people wait reluctantly still longer. :-)

It goes in front… slowly…

With the setting-up of this blog I had still the conception of reporting here time near and regularly on individual steps during the writing of the book. That actually took care of itself in the last months, because it progresses on the one hand due to more numerously different obligations more slowly than planned (I had to let two possible terms for filing elapse in February and April), I on the other hand in addition, are glad, if I can put available time into the manuscript, because opposite the blog then nevertheless first priority possesses.

But I want to give at least times intermediate conditions: A set of “alpha testers? me valuable feedback on the first two main chapters gave and I hope to be able to send in the run this week also the third main chapter to some colleagues. The manuscript has in the meantime somewhat more than 200 sides, which however in as much as in it still another whole set of references and fragments is deceptive are contained. The final work might settle down approximately within this range, if I went over the still which are missing sections. , ,

Now however back to the work… ;-)

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