Delays also belong to

The last weeks was it here in the blog very calm - it was because of the fact that I had not worked as at all as well on the manuscript. At the beginning of of December 2008 colleagues and I have very at short notice the order for an expert's assessment received, at the beginning of the week were due, so that I was rather clamped beside the remaining everyday life business. Thematically there were no particularly large overlaps with the book, which has however the advantage that I have now correctly desire to come and the Papierstapel down work finally in front, which pile up themselves beside me in the shelves. Stupid way are also again relatively carved up the coming one and a half weeks, but in the second February half it looks then somewhat calmer.

A consequence of these circumstances: With sighted the term for filing of the manuscript to the publishing house (at the end of of February) it does not become anything; there at the end of March a further larger institute project (� young person and Web 2,0 “) to be final must, it at the end of of April will become supposed. However we plan to keep e.g. the conclusion publication of the project complementary in certain way to my Monographie (in order does not double the general bases and findings to the Web 2,0 to note). I have thus a strong incentive, then for becoming also really rapidly finished….