Alpha tester and Twitter

I come so slowly to the point, where individual chapters of my new book in first out-formulated version halfway are present. At this “alpha version? still some must be changed, supplemented, painted and polished; but at the same time the time came to catch up first feedback in order to examine individual thoughts and arguments and if necessary still suggestions for illustrating examples to get supplementing studies or also linguistic improving.

I had yesterday made and today at two colleagues with the request for feedback had gemailt chapter 2, which contains a critical discussion of the concept “Web of 2,0 ″, a sketch of substantial offer kinds and a summary of current empirical use data, finished in just as an alpha version. A spontaneous mood following, I set a short inquiry off also on Twitter:

Within a few minutes I had received two direct messages as well as a row from answers; in the long run I sent the excerpt seven further persons, who can give me feedback. And the beautiful: Although I know everything personally (although most rather removed) with the exception of a person, I would have never come on the thought to write her down with such please - now however I am glad over it because they will supply all valuable feedback to me with. A marvelous example of the new net in action!

Book with Amazon listed

While I am thereby, the essay piles to process (thus: to examine and decide which into the text it must, which should into a footnote and which can be omitted), me noticed that the book is listed with Amazon in the meantime (and concomitantly book in advancable). In the short description only this weblog is not mentioned, what makes me happy much, but also still another nice sentence contain, which refers to the forerunner book to weblog:-)