Review in journalism

In the current expenditure a short review of Frauke Zeller (Ilmenau) appeared to journalism, those stated:

“From the reading of the book (as well as from the accompanying weblog) does not become clearly evident, which readership the author contacts. It offers an abundance of useful connecting factors for large, deepening analyzes to Internet and its new developments, some topics is marked out and does not however only focus enough represented, so that it would really convince neither as overview work to the Web 2,0 nor as deepening work.? (P. 101)

The review is callable in the completely accessible review part (.pdf).

Review on

Thomas Molck wrote a detailed review of the book for the portal, which comes to the friendly result:

This publication is hardly occupied like another with the entire complex „of the new net “. The introductory historical classification and description are very well suitable to make itself first a picture of it what is at all meant with designations like „Web 2,0 “, „Social Web “or evenly also „the new net “. It is recommended due to the very understandable and nevertheless not shortening style particularly well to the entrance.

In the following chapters Schmidt develops a very well comprehensible sociological analysis of the new net and puts thereby also a good basis for large occupation with the entire complex or also certain subranges. This convinces particularly in the structuring of the new practices in the identity, relationship and information management. For the beginnings discussed in the following chapters a classification into this essential structure would have been perhaps more stringenter more or less to line up than the view of personal and large publicnesses and handling information and knowledge.