Development of the Web 2,0 - in the Wikipedia

[Like the life plays in such a way: Beginning of past week gave my three years old up notebook the spirit, why I the past days above all thereby zubrachte, a new computer for my work needs to adapt and the old data to secure and/or transmit. So slowly everything runs again, and I can turn to other things.]

In one of the first chapters of the book I will argue with the term “Web 2,0 ″ and different alternative and/or complementary concepts like “Social software?, “Social Web? or “Social Media?. The cryptotext for Web 2,0 is certainly Tim O' Reillys essay “What is Web 2,0? from 2005, which describes different principles and characteristics of the new net and of older characteristics and defines uses. When gathering different other texts and definitions I regarded also times the German-language Wikipedia article to look in particular in order when and how the first draft looked. Here screen SHOT of the all first “Stub?, which was set on 12.10.2005 (about two weeks after publication of the O' Reilly essay); with certain truth it means there: “Web 2,0 should be the future of the World Wide Web.?

Only a half hour later had been revision-needily marked the article of another user than.

Nearly three years and over 1.000 changes the article looks later in such a way:

A network linearize…

The largest difficulty during the writing of a book is my judgment, the network of connected thoughts, texts and realizations, which exist in the head and on paper to bring into a linear succession. In which order one treats its topics, and which argumentation steps has the own central theme, which will pull itself by the book? Where does one accommodate studies, essays, arguments, which affect different chapters of the intended arrangement? When actually are cross references meaningful on previous or following sections, where one repeats itself better simply again, in order to become fair certain thoughts?

Then with the Web log I noticed that it is for me a helpful and practical “Vorübung?, to sort my material first times physically in piles and these rather larger piles (to e.g. be knows the basic stick for a chapter or a Unterkapitel) during the actual writing again to go through, to rearrange, in sequence to process. For the first stand of a longer text this is usually enough, and into which further revision steps can I then polish, gaps fill, and other fine work make.

Tja, and accordingly looks it at present with me; here a candid photograph of some days ago, in still to some extent the unsorted condition…

Stacked realization

Stacked realization (1)

… and here the same picture today evening, with clearly more piles. On the right of down in the corner must be still sorted - those are to a large extent work to Social network Sites and/or network platforms. And are missing still the numerous books, which are located in the shelf beside me…

Stacked realization (2)

Stacked realization (2)

To the book, and to the blog to the book

As it is right itself for a blog, as entrance a small personal history.

Already for a long time it was clear me that it is at the time to tackle a new book. The Web log I had finished at the beginning of of 2006; at the time I had already begun with the work in the DFG project “practices on-line of the net working?, in which I me with blog and network platforms busy. I had thereby the opportunity to pursue the rapid development approximately around Social software/Web 2.0/Social Web [INSERT your cipher here] in an interesting double role as a participating scientific observer. Collected itself slowly, but reliably sea-honor much material on own empirical research, above all however relevant literature -, which I could process in lectures and essays, who almost cried in addition, thereafter, in a connected longer text to be discussed. Initially I still thought of an actualization and/or a new edition of the Web log, but soon it became clear me that the framework of this text me would probably not be sufficient; in addition it falls me unbelievably heavily, a once finished and/or “polished? text to take again apart and convert.

The change from Bamberg to Hamburg to the Hans Bredow institute at the end of of 2007 provided on the one hand a whole set of new tasks and projects, on the other hand in addition, a work surrounding field, for me in which I can take a new book project in attack. After I pushed notes and arrangement ideas in the spring and summer always times again in my head (and in a Tiddly Wiki on my Desktop) back and forth, it was in August finally so far: I inquired Ruediger Steiner, the responsible lector with the UVK publishing house whether interest in a renewed co-operation would exist. In time one could say Just, because one was busy straight at the composition of the spring program there. I arranged a Expose and the draft of an arrangement, which in the conference of program one discussed and positively one took up. With the signing of an author-publisher contract it became thus official that I will work in the coming months on the fact that in the spring 2009 a book can appear on behalf of “the new net?.

Interestingly enough is one of the first official acts for the authors of a book still which can be written to write a short summary which is used in the announcements of the publishing house. Here thus in all shortness, for which it will go in the book (a version somewhat in more detail, which originates from the Expose mentioned above, is here):

The key word „Web 2,0 “summarizes different applications, practices and principles of Internet-based communication. Common it is to be published them that technical hurdles sink, in order texts, photos or videos, in addition, personal information in the Internet and to be maintained or attached social relations with other persons again. Optimistic voices stress the potentials for economics, politics and society, while sceptics before a fragmenting of publicnesses and giving up the privacy warn. The book discusses the current conditions of the research to on-line identity, relationship and information management with the help of a practice-theoretical analysis framework, in order to help to identify the actually new at „the new net “.

Now is the letter of a book already a time-consuming affair, why then still another weblog, which possibly takes valuable time up? Whereupon there are several answers.

The first answer is the fact that I could experience in the past years at the own body how the new net generally and weblog in the special one also changes the work of a scientist. And, for autumn 2007, “Schmidt with Dete? offered the “Bamblog? to me and offer possibilities, my own thoughts and ideas with interested persons to divide. My work (and always times again also my spare time) was uncommonly enriched by the fact that I mean own personal public possessed. For a book, which concerns itself among other things with exactly this phenomenon, it is thus actually an inevitable step to be represented in Web log form also in the new net.

The second answer is that I do not know exactly yet at all for the moment, where this book-accompanying blog will develop. Possibly I present individual facts or arguments for discussion, possibly use I it here during the write process to swear in order over the letter to actually reflect (and), possibly use I it in addition, only after the publication of the book, in order to accompany the reception. A little will depend it probably also on the resonance, which I get in the coming weeks here: Which aspects of topic and writing of the book particularly interest THEM?