It goes in front… slowly…

With the setting-up of this blog I had still the conception of reporting here time near and regularly on individual steps during the writing of the book. That actually took care of itself in the last months, because it progresses on the one hand due to more numerously different obligations more slowly than planned (I had to let two possible terms for filing elapse in February and April), I on the other hand in addition, are glad, if I can put available time into the manuscript, because opposite the blog then nevertheless first priority possesses.

But I want to give at least times intermediate conditions: A set of “alpha testers? me valuable feedback on the first two main chapters gave and I hope to be able to send in the run this week also the third main chapter to some colleagues. The manuscript has in the meantime somewhat more than 200 sides, which however in as much as in it still another whole set of references and fragments is deceptive are contained. The final work might settle down approximately within this range, if I went over the still which are missing sections.

Now however back to the work… ;-)


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  1. Oil silk mountain on July 1st, 2009 4:34

    Further all, January… with me it precedes property also more slowly, than planned :-)
    Greetings, oils

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