End in view

Again scarcely two months break since the last Blogbeitrag - above all, because I wanted to rather put the available time into the work on the book instead of in the Bloggen. And even if - which was because of each quantity of other obligations, not least the completion of the manuscript for the book were slowly, very slowly in front to “young people and Web 2,0 ″ - project - is nevertheless now really an end in view. With the UVK publishing house I agreed that early the manuscript is appropriate for coming Monday on the desk of my lector. In the remaining days still some polishing is announced, under it:

By the way not only the foreseeable end of the book project is motivating, but also the information that there are already about 70 Vorbestellungen for the book…. and I would like to let 70 people wait reluctantly still longer. :-)


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