Manuscript delivered

[Updates 14,8.: There were still some smaller suggestions for improvement on the part of the publishing house, and I had found even also still another few error - now it is however really finally and finally delivered. :-) ]

Now it is finally achieved - last night I sent the manuscript ready to be printed to the UVK publishing house. Possibly it must be still made a few smaller changes but I hope that nothing really large lines up more and I may hold a few weeks into the finished book then also in the hands.

As preview I provided a summary of the book with Wordle times - all worth knowing one is in this word cloud:
Interestingly enough there are already the first (seriously not meant) reviews on Wordle to the book:

Wordle: Untitledmore drbieber,

Wordle: Untitledjanpassoth

Wordle: The first discussion to “the new net� of January Schmidt_tillwe_.


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  1. Thorsten cook on September 7th, 2009 10:25

    Rear January,

    make me happy on the book, even if “and/or� under the Top 7-Wörtern in the book seems to be :-)

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