Read sample and URLographie

The complete book will appear on 18.9., but already today there are first views:

  1. A read sample with table of contents, introduction as well as two chapter summaries (to personal publicnesses and to information management).
  2. The list of the sources of on-line from the bibliography as URLographie.

And for all, which cannot expect it partout: On Facebook one can explain oneself already now as the fan of the book…

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  2. Robert Goetze on August 31st, 2009 4:21

    I have yourself nevertheless smoothly a Vorbestellung on Amazon secured. Now it must appear in addition, soon, so that I can merge it still well into my thesis (diploma).

  3. January Schmidt on August 31st, 2009 5:09

    Very beautifully, thanks for the Vorbestellung - thus the book probably made the sentence of sales rank 1.4 millions on 250.000. :-)

  4. Alfred drove 2009 7:33 on October 20th,

    Hello Mr. Schmidt,
    I became attentive by the occupation with the topic habit and routine and automatisms on its debate and its project. I do not find evenly that habits or automatisms as research problem that with its question about new behaviors by new Internet or Twitter or the good old letter in one blog with side to be left to be able itself. It makes on the contrary very much sense with the habit from the environment of humans its theory together to out build itself. Here are indispensable exact looking, understanding interviews and empirical detailed work, before it can come here to a large new theoretical throw. I found the work of among other things Jean Claude buyer here very exemplary “with body and soul� and her opened for me the eyes and provided for IR the necessary intellectual flexibility around habits like e.g. break make with the autobahn trip to understand. It is the body, which is body it above all our everyday feelings and the miniature cinema in the head from either a habit, an automatism after its first victory over old habits is then born or it with a unique attempt remains. Rationality becomes generally accepted only very many later and is for habitual doing rather stirrup owner than the saddle of the habit. Routines sneezed themselves successfully in us in and often without reason are changed, from new behaviors drop back we again into old habits. The medium Internet is such a new behavior in which we however always wiedr on the oldest of all habits - which letters and improvised thinking are thrown back. And that is well like that!

    Yours sincerely
    Alfred drove

  5. January Schmidt on October 21st, 2009 3:18

    Dear Mr. driving, best thanks for the detailed comment. I consider it also very informative to respect with the analysis of use practices cross-setting with “previous� everyday ways of acting; the ethnographische on-line research gives there partly also quite helpful references.

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