Errata side furnished

So much I also strove, by own correction passages and the proof reading by friends and colleagues: The printing version of my book contains errors. On two of it I am already attentive (made), therefore I furnished a straight Errata side, where I correct these errors. For further references I am grateful (even if I am then annoyed…), either as comment on this contribution or via mail.

Error 1 is by the way nearly already Freud tip by: In the introduction it is called “kind and meadow� instead of “way�; possibly an aftereffect of HSV Werder trauma of the season end of 2008/2009. Error 2 is to be found in the bibliography, where I made Katrin bus man, since this year CO authoress of the Web 2.0-Teils of the pool of broadcasting corporations/Second Channel of German Television on-line study, short hand Martin bus man. Me there still its predecessor Martin fish in the head supposed spukte around…


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  1. Tweets the X mention Errata side furnished: The new net -- on September 18th, 2009 5:31

    [...] This entry became on Twitter of UVK. UVK said: THANKS at blank: @tmrazek!: Which has to do HSV Werder trauma with the book “the new net�, betrays @janschmidt there: #DNN [...]

  2. Birgit on April 6th, 2010 1:22

    Page 111 - 2nd paragraph

    The steadily updated activities, opinions, trend or thought from the own social network satisfy clearly (MORE?!?!?) personalisierte needs for information, as (!) universal search machines can do…


  3. January on April 6th, 2010 3:14

    No, there nothing is missing; it means: “clearly personalisierteRE needs for information� - perhaps not a straight elegant formulation, but grammatically ok. ;-) Thanks nevertheless for exact reading!

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