Reactions to the book

In the first weeks after appearance of the book it was for me above all stretching to pursue the different feedbacks at different places in the net.

A very direct form of the feedback offers Amazon with sales rank - for the moment straight stands it on rank ~30,000, it however at the beginning of sale times up to rank 3,010 had temporarily high-snapped.

amazon 09 18 3
Besides it is stretching that now gradually the “Amazon neighborhood� crystallizes, thus the books, which were bought in combination with mine. In the meantime I appear there in illustrer society of e.g. Yochai Benkler and Clay Shirky, in addition, of Sascha Lobo.

Another kind of feedback came over Twitter, i.e. from humans, who the book ordered or already received. Over the Facebook Fanseite as well as via mail came also some further referring to error (best thanks!), which I took up to the Errata side. From the publishing house I finally know that a set from inquiries to review copies were already received.

In the coming weeks it will therefore possibly give the first somewhat detailed reactions and discussions. I look forward to it!


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  1. Schmidt with Dete on October 7th, 2009 4:34

    [...] After my Monographie already is available to the new net for September (and it already first reactions gives), is now also the anthology to the research project “young person and Web 2,0� [...]

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