Review in the rkm journal

In the rkm journal, a review of the book appeared to an on-line review journal of the Halem publishing house. Wolfgang Schweiger closes his discussion with the result:

Schmidt is one of the few sociologists and/or communication scientists, who understand and with enthusiasm use the Social Web not only completely, it analyzes it also soberly and to a large extent objectively. “The new net? is at present surely the best publication to the present mode topic, even if the book is guessed/advised rather descriptively and explaining. From scientific view it stands to hope that Schmidt uses soon its potential and submits an theoretical-empirical book contribution more conclusive in itself - to think capable of is it.

HP: Much meeting and doubt-worth is the also following remark:

“And naturally there is also a blog to the book (…) And like it in the scientific Community like that are, hold back themselves the readers to a large extent with reactions. In this culture of the “dear non--discourse? beyond personal record-relevant publications and beyond the beer tables on long conference evenings changes also a blog as new medium channel for only few.?


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